Vastushastra was developed according to the human needs and necessities of the
Asian people at that period of time.  The basis of this science is always nature and the
forces governing the world.  Therefore as centuries passed, this science, with rectification
and additions arrived
to help mankind with rules giving life of higher standards.

Vastu defines any form of a real estate property.
 It can be a piece of land or any
type of building on it; it can even be a swimming pool or a town.  Proper orientation and
planning of the property to get maximum benefit of a well balanced solar, cosmic and all
other natural energy is called VASTUSHASTRA.  It also describes ways to obtain
protection from negative energies.                                           

As a doctor advises you to adjust a balanced diet, drink clean water and breath fresh air
to maintain good health, Vastu Science – The Edifice Science advises you to dwell in the
house built on the land, location and direction suitable to the composition of your body for
a healthy life.  
Astrology is a science of supernatural mysteries and their effects on
the life.
 Vastu Science is a science involving buildings, constructions and the mystic
Feng Shui is a science containing similar basic principles to Vastu
.   However Vastu as Science has been popular in India and was developed
according to the geography and social life of India, and Feng Shui was developed for

Every science is confined to the land and time. Accordingly, certain alterations and
modifications related to the present life style and also the place of the building are
necessary there in.  There are many similarities between Feng Shui and Vastu Science.
Vastu Science is based greatly under the religious impact.  Vastu Science
associating Indian deities and devotional power was presented before the people to make
it easy for them to understand and also to make it a part of the traditions.  While
Shui system contains all-similar rules but they are highly associated with the

A building is not actually made of stones, brick, concrete or wood; rather it is made of
human interactions as well.
It is necessary for human beings to have friendly
relations with the invisible, infinite and incomperehensive forces of the natural
environment by giving a proper place to the five basic elements of nature in the
structure; the earth, the water, the wind, the fire and the spirit (The life element ).

elements into consideration, the sages and seers introduced Vastushastra.
elements into consideration, the sages and seers introduced Vastushastra.

The other energies such as
sun rays, Magnetic fields, Cosmic rays and many other
forms of energy that we don’t even know about the controlling power of the nature
and human life.
It is necessary for human beings to have friendly relations with them by
giving the appropriate connection, position and involvement in our day-to-day life. The
perfect match of a property and the human living in it becomes very important.

When you enter any building, you might have noticed that for some reason, you
like or dislike the place.
The main reason for this may be the structure of the building,
which is influenced by the natural forces and rays, or how the environment development in
the building has affected the balance of the five basic elements of nature in your body. As
you spend more of your time in that environment, inside the building; it is very essential that
for a happy, healthy and a prosperous life, you should have harmonically matched with the
property and the building. This can be achieved with the help of astrology and Edifice
Science (Vastushastra).

So, this very ancient science, existent since the Vedas times, was developed with a view to
safeguard the human body, wealth and prosperity from the negative (evil forces) present in
the environment.
Human and nature are the most important elements on the earth.
All the happenings in the nature knowingly or unknowingly affect the human life
In the past, people did not easily follow the scientific viewpoints; compared to the modern
times, the percentage of people who believed in God was much larger in the ancient times.
Therefore most issues and ideas in Vastushastra were presented under the name of God
and Devil with some form of legendary story or symbolism.

A similar science namely Feng Shui is very popular in China, Hong-Kong, Japan and other
Asian countries. In the Indian Vastushastra, almost everything is connected to a respective
Deity, while in Feng Shui natural forces and different energies are directly explained in their
original status.

Majority of Hindus confuse Vastushastra with Vastu-pooja.  While in reality,
Vastushastra is a complete knowledge of Energies and their relation with the
Vastu and the people living in it, while Vastu Pooja is only a religious act (Pooja)
of the deity
.  The objective of Vastu-pooja is to welcome the deity (In reality it was a
devil as per the Puran) and pray him to protect the property.  

Let us review a few facts: Our normal breathing rate changes when we enter any
property; it is very easy to experience this. If the rate of breathing increases when we enter
a building or property, it is because the body automatically shields from “devilish” elements
present there because of some fault in the structure.
The Sunrays are one of the most
important energy factors of nature
. It is necessary that the morning Sunrays fall on our
property, so says Vastu. There should be no obstructions on the Northeast side of the
Vastu; these rays are soaked by water to a large extent. Therefore, it is necessary to have
water in the northeast, but not a toilet. Otherwise the healthy and auspicious flow of energy
coming in the form of rays becomes contaminated, resulting in a loss instead of benefit.

One more important power is the Magnetic field of the north and south poles.
These powers remain in existence even at nighttime. Its effect is greatest during the time we
are asleep, as we remain in the same position/direction for a long time. In our body, the
head is north and the legs, south. So, if we sleep with our head towards north, the
repulsive effect of the magnetic power cause changes in the heartbeats and as a result you
can’t have a sound sleep. The conscious mind remains partially awake, which leads to

The other important science attached to Vastu, which helps to find the balance of
elements, energies and suitable time to buy or alter any Vastu is Astrology.
Without the
knowledge of astrology and a proper planning of a building, Edifice science
(Vastushastra) remains incomplete.
The detailed calculations and criteria are taken into
consideration to conclude the decision of buying a property or doing any additions and
alterations to a pre-owned property, to make it suitable for living in.

Remember that even though the basic principles remain unchanged, same rules never apply
to different form of Vastu. Some of the rules change depending upon the type of Vastu and
use of the Vaastu. In other words, you can’t apply the same planning rules for a
warehouse to an office.

All the contemporary rules of the land are applicable to the science of the Vedic era but
minor changes in them are required. In order to make them infinite, the Hindu religions has
always insisted upon maintaining the social class system, ban on sea voyages and maintain
the fundamental traditions.  These regulations are removed in today’s age, therefore,
relevant alterations have been necessary.

As we understand that the basic principles of both Vastu Science and Feng Shui are same;
both also pay great attention to the five elements of the universe and the human body, their
replica and the effect of the earthly and cosmic powers on the human life.  These sciences
guide human beings to settle and create their abode harmonizing with environment,
allowing them to comprise the maximum benefit of the natural powers in the human
development.  This science provides guidance for all types of buildings including residence,
business, factories, offices, etc.

Here, we had a very simple introductory discussion of some basic concepts of
Vastushastra. In short, when we combine the laws of nature and their mysterious energies
of how they affect the human body and life together with astrology and planning concepts
of a Vastu, it creates Vastushastra.

Now we shall discuss the choices and planning of the residential houses specifically in
United States of America for a happy, successful and a healthy life.  

We have developed a new multiple system of evaluating the house and checking its
harmony with the landlord.  This system is specially developed taking in to consideration
the life style, geography, natural energies and style (planning) of average residential
buildings in USA.  

By using the same basic principles of Vastu-Shastra & Feng Shui the Science of Vastu can
be applied to any part of the world.  

Almost every house is harmonizing with its owner to some extent, but if the match is below
a certain limit then the house must be modified or replaced.  If any major problem arise
before or after the purchase, certain alterations are necessary.  This system will help to
take important decisions about the buying and selling of a house. In our modified system,
each issue has allotted points according to its importance also deciding harmony between
the house and its owner to compare and evaluate the match with one or more properties.

This modified system will help evaluating the house.  It will also help in making
comparisons between different houses and will guide in making it more agreeable to the
people living in it.  

The whole universe can be divided into two major elements.

1.        Creator
2.        Creation

Nobody in this world knows anything definite about creator.  Hence we will not discuss
any more about him, except accepting his existence.  

The creation is nothing but different forms of energies and natural laws for conversion from
one form of energy into another.  In other words every thing around us including all stars,
planets, living and non-living things, including our-selves are nothing but energy at different
levels and in different forms.  Again these energies are continuously changing their state as
per the laws of nature.  The three basic elements: earth, water and air are stored forms of
energies; fire is an active form of energy and the spirit is a part of the God which makes all
other four elements alive.  The smallest state of all physical elements like earth, water and
air is a molecule.  A proven and accepted fact..!  

A molecule is made out of electrons, protons and neutrons.  The electron is nothing but an
active –ve energy, as a proton is active +ve energy and neutron combines them and
converts them into a stored form of energy.  If somehow this bond is broken, both –ve and
+ve energies change into an active form of energy becomes active energy.  The +ve
energies means the constructive energies and the –ve energies means the destructive

Being a perishable state of energy, something that is continuously changing, the human
always needs +ve energy to maintain regular status or growth in life.  Not only the human
body, but the human life also needs constant positive changes because as a part of the
system, if you don’t do something positive the system which is constantly at work may
push you in a negative direction; a downward trend may automatically adversely affect
your life. In other words as you need to eat food everyday to survive, you need positive
energy around you to maintain a balance of the environment around you because different
types of energies are constantly surrounding you and you must act to keep the required
balance.  All these energies are constantly working on your body, your mind, and your
life…your existence.  You always need to have a good hold on the constructive energies
so that the –ve energies cannot destruct some thing which is valuable for you.

As we discussed before, every body is made out of five main elements.  Now if somebody
has more fire element percentage in his body and is living in a place where more water
element surrounds him, he will constantly be affected by negative water energy and will fail
in the life to a certain extent because most of his fire energy is being wasted in fighting
against the water produced energy.  He consumes most of his power in worthless pursuits
and is left with very little productive energy, thus the result would be failure in life.

The awareness and understanding that energy in the cosmos was responsible for creating
the universe, is the basis of our metaphysics. Mass is nothing but a form of stored energy.  
The basis of Vastushastra rests on the following type of well-known forms of the energies.  
These energies are continuously present in the environment and are responsible for
transforming the elements of nature and the living world.

Vastushastra helps in building a Vastu (for example house), which can provide maximum
advantages of these energies.  At the same times it also protects from destructive energies.  
Remember that constructive and destructive energies are always present in the universe.  
These energies are continuously active in billions of different states.

1. Cosmic influence:-

The bodies in the celestial space influence the activities on the surface of earth. Each and
every object has a field of energy around it.  The planets are present in the universe to
control and maintain the nature and life on the earth.  In the same ways and form they are
like controlling stations within the solar system.  They are set to perform certain specific
functions and to perform their functions, they influence the human life; this kind of objects
use cosmic energy.  In Indian Vasu-shastra, this type of mostly unknown energies are
worshiped as Deity and welcomed in the Vastu.

2. Solar energy:

The Sun is producer and suppler of energies necessary for existence and survival of life on
the planet earth.  The sun is the main source of energy for the earth. Our earth rotates at an
approx. 23 ½ -degree angle on its axis from west to east and at the same time it orbits
around the sun on an elliptical path.  The night is for cleaning the negative energies and
elements from the earth.  In the morning we get refreshed air containing the Ozone (O3)
gas and ultra-violet rays.  These matters are very important for the human life.  The
morning sun -rays contain vitamin “D” also.  By the evening the air becomes polluted and
the sun rays lose their auspicious power.  

3. Geo-magnetic fields:

The magnetic field between north and south poles of the earth affects the bio-organisms.  
The very common effect of magnetic field is the effect on the iron of our blood.  Eventually
blood runs all over the body including the brain and affects the life.  The magnetic field
works on the whole and also on the individual piece of iron.  We have to take advantage
of this phenomenon.

4. Geology of the crust and surroundings:

The type of soil, minerals and other elements under the building creating an energy cloud
around the building can effect the people living in that region.  The material used for
construction and any big mass of water nearby the house has an effect of absorbed and
released energies.  The effect of often-heavy rain, wild wind, mountains and forest
(vegetation) around the house also indirectly works as forces affecting the property.  The
weather has a very strong impact on the stability and the life of a house.

5. Socio-cultural beliefs and construction laws:

Emergence of the human society from primitive tribal to organized levels of the structured
society works as a man made energy influencing the house and life.  The local
governmental building codes and criteria are a power that rules the construction of a
house.  However most of these building codes are knowingly or unknowingly follows the
principles of Vastushastra. The effect of energy developed by the people living in the
surrounding, their beliefs and life style can also influence the success and progress of
individual living there.  

6. Human developed energies:

Mankind has developed and is controlling various types of energies, the very common are
electricity for light and equipment and sound waves developed for communication, thermal
energy etc.  Most complex types of these energies are around constantly us.  The effect of
these energies is taken into consideration to modify the principles of Vastushastra.  The
huge buildings and structures such as churches; temples and pyramids also have very
powerful effect on the surrounding houses.  The symbols such as Swastic, cross, prayer
wheel, Yantras and the seven (7) energy centers (chakras) exist within the human body
also have a significant effect on the house and the people living in it.

7. Reflected and released energies:

Shinning objects such as mirrors, polished decorative metal articles, color, water fountains,
lights, plants etc. have the capability of reflecting and absorbing energies.  These forms of
matter and different patterns are widely used in Feng Shui to control the energy level and
distribute it in a proper proportion inside the house.

Energies are active and continuously changing the objects of the universe.  You may not
see it, feel it or experience it, but around you…inside you. Energy everywhere is active
and it affects your life, health, thoughts and progress at all times.  You need to live in
healthy, auspicious and a balanced state of energy surrounding you.  That is the best
solution for a happy, healthy and a successful life.  

Remember that even if you neglect it, it will be there, continuously affecting your life.  This
is because the creator has set up the system and he wants to control universe & life with
the help of various continuously changing active energies.  If you are not careful, it may
affect your life adversely.

When you think of energies in USA, keep the geography of USA in mind.  It has ocean in
all three directions except north, it has high mountains in some of the central part.  The rain
usually comes from west direction.  The snowstorm blows in from north and/or northwest
direction, hurricanes and tornados from southeast or south directions.  It has dense woods
in northern, central and eastern part of the country.

When you go in to further detail, you must consider the geography of the state and then the
town.  Then from town we go to the surrounding of the property and then the house itself.  
Again in side the house we plan each room as per the use and user of each room.

One should not apply the principles of Feng – Shui, Vastu – Shastra or Vastu – Science
without taking in to consideration the three most important variables the Place, the Time
and the Owner for any property.


Vastushastra describes the links of the
Four sides
+ Four corners
+ Center

Total of nine directions …connected with different types of energies, five elements,
astrological stars and many important aspects of human life.  

These links guides us in planning the house and the floor plan for rooms.  It also helps us in
allocating the rooms depending upon the use of the room and the person living in each
specific room.  

The various types of energies flow in to the house from different directions at different time
of the day.  It is also governed and ruled by the five elements and astrological stars.  When
we plan a house or allocate the room, we check the astrological chart, which helps us in
deciding the nature and personality and powerful star for the user of the room.  The five
elements are then considered and fine tuning the use of the room and deciding the
construction material, color and interior decoration of the room.

By applying the similar process of deduction, we can make definite change or
improvement in the life of a person or that of the family.  This theory is used in
Vastushastra as a remedy to resolve the problems or to achieve success in life in specific
field of life.  

In Vastushastra the four directions North, East, South & west are 30 deg. each and all
four corners North-east, North-west, South-east and South-west are considered 60 deg.
each.  Again these directions are related with the Magnetic - North, and not with Sun –
rise.  In other wards, the right way to derive exact direction, don’t use the Sun- rise as
East and then calculate other directions, But use magnetic compass to find the North, and
then find out other directions.

The sketch below shows how the grid of all nine directions is considered.


The following information is used significantly in Vastushastra at every stage of house
planning, designing, construction, allocation, decoration and modification/ alterations.

1.        North-East:
This direction has specific significance in Vastushastra.  The earth rotates along its axis
from west to east with an angle of inclination of 23-½ deg. Approx..  This makes the fresh
auspicious energies to enter on the earth from the northeast direction.  

Jupiter is the ruler of this direction.  It is very important that this direction is exposed and
ventilated for these energies to enter in the house.  In Hindu religion, which is based in
India, the Himalaya is considered as land of the Gods.  The Himalaya is in northeast
direction of the country.  Hence the worship place is set in this direction.  This direction is
favorable for young child.

Wind is controller of this direction.  This direction makes a person self – motivated,
comprehensive, hard working and person with higher moral values in the life.  Brilliant
yellow is the color of this direction.

The negative side of this direction is, it makes person lonely and isolated, Mild and job
oriented, quite and calm.  Even with few negative effects, this being direction for cosmic
energy to flow from in to the Vastu, this direction should be open for any kind of person
and property.

2.        East:
The sunrise, the real direct flow of the tremendous energy comes on to the earth from this
direction.  It gives us power to grow and achieve the dreams of the life.  

Obviously the Sun is the ruler of this direction.  It is very important direction as it furnishes
us the energy for physical success and cures the system the nature.  The morning sunrays
have vitamin “D” and it also fills the atmosphere with healthy Ozone gas.  Orange and
green are the colors of this direction.

The spirit, the element of life rules this direction.  In Feng-Shui the tree is most commonly
chosen to represent this element.  This direction represents a ambitious and fast growing
personality, self-confidence and actively work for dreams.  Hence the study room or
bedroom is set in this direction.  This direction is for elder child.  The newly married couple
should use the bedroom situated in this direction.  

However the negative side of this direction is impatience and proudly nature, too much
ambitious and over activeness.

3.        South East:
This is the direction for all natural and materialistic energies, like electricity, velocity, heat
etc..  It gives power to win against enemies and competitors.  The morning sunrays enter in
the house from this direction.

Mars is the ruler of this direction. It gives us destructive and constructive energy.  The
morning sunrays kills the bacteria, hence the kitchen should be designed in this direction.  
The utility room is also situated in this direction.  This direction is favorable for all working
members of the family.  Red and dark blue are the color of this direction.

Fire is the element of this direction.  This direction controls power to destruct / construct,
traveling, victory and materialistic success.  

The negative side of this direction is makes you over active, makes you too persistent and
less able to take criticism.

4.        South
This is direction of constantly changing energies.  It brings Instability and uncertainty in life.  
This direction may prove to be good for very limited persons and specific development

The Moon is the ruler of this direction.  It affects the mental stability.  The living room or
family room is situated in this direction.  This direction is favorable for middle child.  Purple
is the color of this direction.

Water is the element of this direction.  This direction controls passion, active social life and
constant changes.  

The negative side of this direction is emotional and stressful life, separation and
unnecessary changes in the life.

5.        South-West
This direction brings in the slow and polluted energies.  The negative effects of these
energies may slowly kill the personality.

Rahu is ruler of this direction.  It helps in quick success and then sudden collapse.  Guest
room or dinning room or toilets are situated in this direction.  The black and gray are the
color of this direction.  The garage should be situated in this direction.

Earth is the element of this direction.  This direction gives depth in relations but makes you
dependent on others.  It suddenly changes the direction in the life.  Lack of knowledge
becomes main problem.

6.        West
This is the direction of enjoyment, romance and spending the money for worthless
entertainment.  It is especially for earthly happiness.

Venus is the ruler of this direction.  It gives pleasure, entertainment and also
contentedness.  This direction is good for gambles, artists, and sport persons.  The play
area, storage and bedroom should be set in this direction.  White or beige is the color of
this direction.  This direction is favorable for teenagers or guests.
Fire is the element of this direction.  This direction gives short-term happiness and helps
you to achieve your dreams.

The negative effect of this direction is over spending, loss of motivation and obsession with

7.         North-West
This is the direction for maturity and responsibility.  It gives you wisdom and leadership
quality.  The destructive energies slowly blow from this direction.  

Mercury is the ruler of this direction.  It gives commanding respect and knowledge of
wisdom.  This direction is favorable for owner of the house and the master bedroom and
master bathroom.  Dark green or silver is the color of this direction.  

Water is the element of this direction.  But some times it is influenced by air element too.  
This direction gives you ability to organize and makes you authoritarian.  

The negative side is arrogance and self-righteousness to over control others.

8.        North
The energies giving tranquility and spiritual awareness flow from this direction.  This is the
direction for final journey of the life.  It links you with the creator.

Saturn is the ruler of this direction.  It gives you power to work hard in right direction and
helps you in achieving inner growth.  This direction is favorable for oldest people in the
house.  Grand-parents bedroom and library are situated in this direction.  Blue and violet
are the color of this direction.  

Earth is the element of this direction.  This direction gives you creativity and heavenly
power of spirituality.  

The negative effect of this direction is stubbornness, loneliness and unnecessary worrying.  
It makes life very quiet and isolated.

9.        Center
This is the direction of uncertainty.  Both type of power, Evil and devil rules it.  Center also
means up and / down, objects under the land and direct energy from up the sky.  It is
advisable to leave this area wide open in the house / room.

Ketu is the ruler of this direction.  It has capability to help you in achieving moksha
(Nirvana) and also to hand you over to ghostly powers.  This direction is favorable to all
confident people and is equally negative for non-confident people.  

Air is the element of this direction.  It is also influenced by the soul element.  Nobody
should use this part of the house.  Off white and black are the colors of this direction.  

In all architectural drawings the North is usually towards the top of the drawing
(Upwards), unless otherwise specially shown.


Astrology can be helpful here, providing necessary data of the characteristics of the
planets, constellations and the signs of the owner, the effect of the period and the sub
period of a particular planet.  This data is later on used to figure the proposition of the five
elements for the owner, the appropriate profession, and the proper times for buying and /
or selling a property.

Based on the sun and moon zodiac signs, the sign of house #1 and influence of stars on
house #1 (own house), house # 4 (house for property), the match for appropriate property
and time are derived.  In Vedic astrology the special feature called Dasa period (Active
stars during specific duration) is very widely used to evaluate the planetary influence in one’
s life.  The principles of Dasa period are always used in Vedic astrology to find proper
timings and important stars.  These principles related to house are reviewed in this newly
developed system.

After detailed study of over 10,000 horoscopes, we came to a conclusion that
astrologically the planet Venus and Rahu (North Lunar Node), also known as shadow,
rules the United States.  Venus controls entertainment, technology and Para-medical
fields.  Rahu is very important shadow in the Vedic astrology.  It controls research;
destruction of social structure and corrupt politics.  In reality Rahu is the North Lunar
node.  In Vedic astrology, the most important planet of the solar system, the Earth, and the
effect of it’s rotation around the sun is taken in to consideration and is given the name Rahu
(North Lunar Node) and Ketu (South Lunar Node).  The inner shadow (Rahu or head)
and outer shadow ( Ketu or body) are given the name of devil Rahu and Ketu.  In Vedic
astrologic charts Rahu and Ketu are always in opposite houses. (As north and south are
opposite to each other).  They indirectly represent the effect of our planet Earth on our life.

In other wards, the person born with powerful Venus and / or Rahu gets success in United
States and enjoys the life style of USA.  

The reference to the Rahu – Ketu is made because they are not known to the Western or
Chinese astrology.

But when it comes to any Vastu, the position of Jupiter and the strength of ruler of house #
4 also become important.  Again the Maha-dasa (Primary controlling planet), Anter-dasa
(Secondary controlling planet) and finally Pratuntar-dasa (Third tier controlling planet) and
their strength in the birth chart and current positions are also considered in evaluating the

To make this simple, the good time to buy the house is when the Jupiter in the horoscope
is active at any of the three levels as described above and should have direct or indirect
relation with the 4th house of the birth chart.  


Let us go back and look at the bigger picture; we don’t want to forget that the main
objective of Vastu Science is to welcome the natural energies and to create a healthy
environment in harmony with nature.  Boundaries beyond the house like the surroundings
area, the village, the town, city, the state, the nation follow an aura of energy and their
development mainly depends upon that. Rules applying to the house also apply to the man
made parts of the land while each has its own importance regarding direction, shape,
location, etc. Let us consider the example of India in order to better understand this idea
on the world perspectives.

India’s map has been altered frequently during the last several centuries and now India has
the Himalayas in the North East and an Ocean in the South East and the South west, while
there are obstructions, energies are leading to the environmental increase of debility and
laziness – lack of desire to work. You will find an average Indian to be weak and lazy.
India needs to win and expand its East and narrow the West where demonic forces along
with elements of physical pleasure and inactivity enter the nation through open directions.  

On the other hand China has Himalaya on the south and an ocean in the North West.  In
short Geographically China is very different than India while withholding similar social

Considering other countries around the globe and lets review how this science affects them
on general bases as a nation.

Although Japan is a small nation, the ocean in the North East provides a wider corridor to
the continuous energy flow which rushed to open the Western side but the same
arrangement frequently imbalances the country.

England is almost surrounded by water but it is balanced in the East and that is the reason
of stability. It weakened after changing its officials named it Great Britain.

Several nations of South America, Africa and the Middle East disintegrate and fail while
the United States of America gets benefits of almost all natural forces. The east shore
longer than the western shore, large lakes and adequate jungles in the north as well as the
mountains in the west, which welcomes the energies, churns and stores them too. The man
is able to work many times more. A man who escapes the work gets enthusiasm and
energy to work here. Mexico in the south west absorbs much of the negative forces. Thus
geographical composition of the nation is in accordance with Vastu science and as a result
it will progress. Of course, due to the ocean in the west pleasure culture too prevails.
Balance of natural forces, quantity and the location of the flora and fauna and also gives
strength to this nation. On the other hand the Soviet Union collapsed! The United States of
America has been winning since her birth. With transformation in the planetary position the
environment of sensual pleasure and nudity will be reduced and truth and reality will be
more emphasized. Honesty and religion will spread into the world from here. The only
major with United States of America that never going to go away is over confidence and
ego.  This element may lead this country to use the energies in wrong directions.  Nothing
is good if it is excessive, balance is the final truth.  American should accept this fact wisely.

Similarly the success and peace of any village, town, city, state or a nation can be measure
on basis of its location, shape and name, but as our powers are limited only to our home,
we should limit our discussion to our home only. We can be king of our own land only.  


Vastu Science is in depth particularly about selecting land, location and planning of the
house and making a harmonious match.  However the principles of Feng Shui are highly
focused on interior decoration and arrangement of the house.  Astrology is used to
decipher the effect of planets on the dweller.  All three are combined together beautifully
for a happy and successful life.  

A combined effect of various energies, their balanced and appropriate absorption and
smooth flow with in the house and their match with the people living in the house is the
main objective of Vastushastra. We should use the principles and modified applications of
Vastushastra to compare different houses or to improve the present living.

Making changes in the property or the use of a portion of a room can rectify most of the
problems.  You may have reorganize, refinish or refurbish (Some time only decorate)
property to control the absorption, reflection or regulate the flow of various energies.  
Some of the properties are very easy to modify, and some modifications will be expansive
to improve.  A clear understanding and importance of the issue can also determine the cost
factor in most of the cases.

We wish you lived in the place surrounded by the flow of energies necessary for your
happy and progressive life.
matching the house and the owner
Jalendu Vaidya [Civil Engr.]